viernes, 3 de diciembre de 2010

Tema 9 Past Simple

A.-They were are tired
    She was in the park
    It was a sunny day
    You were late
    They weren't hungry
    We weren't at word
    I was thirsy
    You weren't at the school
    We were at the cinema
    You weren't happy 
    You weren't is exited
    I wasn't afraid

B.-Was your room is comfortable?
    Was the weather is nice?
    Was the streets full of people?
    Was the shops expensive?

    Was the city exiting at night?
    Was the museum interesting?
    Was the people is friendly?
    Was your flight OK

C.-work, live, live, live, like, go, are

D.- I wasn't very hot, Were you old?, She was not with me, It was twelve o'clock, Was it sunny, Were they six men